now supporting GIT2FTP

SVN2FTP is a hosted source control system. We host your repository which is accessible from anywhere. The unique thing about SVN2FTP is that as soon as you commit a change to your repository we'll automatically upload it to your FTP / Secure FTP server.

Why use it? This service is available to anyone, but was developed specifically for the needs of developers / freelancers who may have simple shared hosting, or need to use clients' hosting where SVN isn't available. With this service you can use the FTP details you receive and attach them to an SVN repository, so you get all the benefits of version control, without having to worry about installing it or managing it. You can set up tiers of FTP accounts to different branches, so from a single repository you can instantly upload to many FTP accounts. This is very useful when switching between development and live systems.

SVN2FTP allows simple user management. This means if you decide to out-source portions of the code-base to someone else, you don't have to give them complete access to entire FTP systems, and the user can simply be disabled after the job is completed.

  • Remote deployments to FTP and Secure FTP
  • Multi-threaded FTP system to increase the speed of large deployments
  • Ability to deploy from specific branches of a repository, or just directly from the root branch
  • Enable or disable deployments — a common setup would be for development and production environments
  • Backup entire repository and download it from the members area
  • Re-sync your S/FTP if you’ve had it disabled so that your remote deployments always have the latest files from the repositories, or if you’re switching from development to production
  • Multi user access to allow others to access your repositories